Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hump Day

I wanted to do the handstand on the camel but I didn't trust this guy.  My sister had never been on a camel so when we came upon this opportunity in the Middle East, I thought she should have the experience.  He was charging way too much money for 7 steps around the parking lot so I wasn't going to ride.  He insisted that I ride Michael the Camel and finally convinced me when he said I wouldn't have to pay!  When the ride was finished he charged us for 2 and when I questioned the price he said "you not pay, she pay for both of you," as he pointed to my sister...cheeky but clever.  We paid, I did a handstand, he grabbed my toe and we will all forever laugh when remembering Michael the Camel.

~Michael the Camel Handstand

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