Monday, July 7, 2014

Facials, Floating, And...

Handstands in the Dead Sea!!!  The Dead Sea also referred to as the "Salt Sea" is the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world... super salty:)  Be careful when you walk in because it is hard to tell when solid ground ends and mud begins... no worries about the depth because you'll float, it's the stinging of your eyes if you splash or go under that you want to be concerned about;)  Once you're in and floating, you have to treat your skin to a good mud bath... people pay big bucks at spas to make their skin feel this incredible!!!  P.S. The floating is pretty awesome!

Funny Note: I'm wearing a lifeguard bathing suit and everyone around me is floating!!!

~Pre-Floating Handstand in the Dead Sea

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