Sunday, July 6, 2014

George W. Bush's Birthday

Happy Birthday George W. Bush!  Your Secret Service agents had a field day with this handstand picture.  I don't think this is a common pose for visitors.  I'm excited to check this White House handstand picture off of my list... bring on the Oval Office;)

~The White House Handstand


  1. Hi Mary, Matt shared this on FB today and I have had a ball checking out your blog! It's fabulous and such fun to see all the places you've done handstands-never knew that you were so good at it! Love the shots in silhouette! Trying to figure out how to subscribe to the blog so I can see updates. Good luck on your next adventure! ❤️ Sue Karsten

    1. Hi Sue (although you've always been Mrs. Karsten to me), Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm new to the blogging world so it is a work in progress. I just added a link on the right side for people that are interesting in following me by email. I'm excited that you are looking forward to receiving updates... I love sharing my handstands!

      Speaking of blogs, I am so impressed with Matt's blog... he has had a lot of really amazing adventures!!! I look forward to following him and have asked him to attempt a handstand for my blog on his travels!

      Thanks again for checking out Traveling Handstands:)


    2. I think that when you are an adult, you can certainly call me by my first name!! �� But...I answer to anything! Thanks for the link-can't wait to see where you are next! Can Matt even DO a handstand?