Sunday, August 31, 2014

She's The Greatest

I have the greatest best friend ever!!!  We live 2,920 miles apart, that's a 43 hour drive as per Google Maps, and yet we are so connected.  We both live super busy, by choice, and exciting lives and might not talk with each other for months but she's the type of friend that will just happen to call the day after bad news... broken bones, work drama, family loss, etc... impeccable timing!  She's also my fellow adventurer/world traveler.  Together we've visited almost every continent... Antarctica here we come;)

Today she's in South Korea and she sent me this handstand picture at 1:52 am, my time!  Of course it's an awesome outdoor handstand on rocks, taken just outside of Seoul, South Korea.  Thanks for thinking of me... you're the greatest!!!

~South Korea Handstand

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