Saturday, August 23, 2014

Town Population of 6

Disclaimer... This handstand picture was taken with an old camera that had no preview option... back when you had to take film to get developed... Not sure what the person was focusing on when taking the picture... Photos of people look ok when you take them of the waist up but handstand pics look a little funky when you chop off the arms:)

It is an important handstand picture though because it captures one of the towns that I worked in while living in Australia for the summer...

Yes, this is the entire town... Licola, Australia... population of 6!  It is here that I met some really amazing people who I continue to stay in touch with:)  We all worked as counselors for a week at Camp Licola together!  They helped make sure that I experienced all aspects of Australian culture from Vegemite to surfing to TimTams and kangaroos... so many awesome memories!!!

~Licola Handstand

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