Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Field Trip

My homeschool gymnastics group went on our first Wednesday morning field trip!!!  Wednesday is our midweek recovery day and we only have practice in the afternoon so we decided to take some field trips as a group!  We spent the whole morning at Butler's Orchard in Germantown, MD enjoying their fall "Pumpkin Harvest Days."  We enjoyed everything from hay rides to giant slides to a corn maze and raspberry picking!!!  The weather was absolutely perfect for our picnic lunch that included super moist pumpkin cake and fabulous banana bread made by one of our gym moms, who also happened to be the organizer of the trip... Thank You Jen... We all had a blast!!!  Here are a few handstand pictures to remember our day...

Coach Mary & Homeschoolers 

Homeschoolers & Their Handpicked Pumpkins

Corn Maze Game
P.S. Girls, Don't forget to eat your food within 24 hours;)

Coach Mary driving the Butler Bus... Gymnast Style:)

~Butler's Orchard Handstands

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