Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Handstands

Show off your Halloween costume by doing a handstand and send it my way!!!  Some costumes look even cooler upside-down:)  Maybe I appreciate Halloween more than most since I grew up in a location that has never had any trick-or-treaters ever... White Mountains, Middle of Nowhere, NH.  Or maybe I appreciate Halloween because it is one night of the year that coaches don't have to work!!!  Either way, I enjoy seeing all of the creative costumes out there.

Oscar the Grouch    

 Caribbean Pirate

A Mummy

Mario and Luigi

A Zombie Cheerleader

Lucky Charm 4-Leaf Clover with Photo Bombing Fairy

The Grinch

A Zombie Bride

Glitz and Glamour

A Pirate

A Dalmatian

Sock Monkeys

A Peacock

A Pink Lady from Grease



A Purple Witch

A Hammerhead Shark

An Indian Girl

A Devil

A Voodoo Goddess


The American Girl Doll Julie

An Eskimo Girl

Little Black Riding Hood

A Well-Accessorized Witch

Tenderheart, the Carebear

~Happy Halloween Handstands

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