Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Record Breaker

Gymnastics is one of those sports that you can do with your child at a really young age.  I enjoy handpicking kids from our 3-5 year old classes for mini-team and every once in a while I find one from our "Mommy and Me" classes... 18 months to 2 year olds!  This next handstand picture is of a little girl who was in one of my "Mommy and Me" classes.  When she was 2 years old she was doing cartwheels/handstands, incredible split jumps and straddle jumps, and had unbelievable bar strength (a pull-over at 2).  She was leaps and bounds ahead of the other 2 year olds so as soon as she was 3, I invited her to join a junior developmental program.  Before her 4th birthday she was doing back handsprings on a resi-mat and trampoline by herself!!!  I am proud to say that this little girl is the youngest girl that I have ever coached to do a back handspring by herself... 3 YEARS OLD!!!  Her family no longer lives in my state but I look forward to following her gymnastics... thanks for sharing a handstand picture for Traveling Handstands!!!

~A Handstand From The Girl Who Was Doing A BHS At Age 3


  1. I had the opportunity to coach her in our Pre-Team program and on our Level 4 Team...it was a true pleasure to work with this young lady for two years - her kind heart, natural ability, dedication, strength, flexibility, focus, perseverance and "fun" attitude has helped her become a very successful gymnast.

  2. Thanks for commenting Diana... It is great to hear from her other coaches!!!