Sunday, November 16, 2014

2nd Day is Done, 1 More To Go

Day 2 of racing in the 3 Day "Long Day's Night Challenge" is complete!  I felt great today... the weather was chilly still but the sun made it a perfect temperature to keep moving!  And it was daylight so I could see!!!

My start time was at 12:04 so at 12:01 I began the 3 step start process like last night.  Today's map scale was 1:7500 unlike last night which was 1:10000.  I kept a mental note during the start process to not overrun controls at the beginning since the scale was different.  I tried to go slow on the first control but excitement got the better of me...I ended up taking a route that was not ideal but eventually led to the flag!  I worked on my pace count to the 2nd control and from that point on I had no major errors!  Unfortunately neither did two other girls so I will settle for 3rd place today... not bad... The top 3 girls were all within 3 minutes of each other!!!  

After checking out the score board, I discovered that I came in 2nd last night.  I also learned that most of my competition is about 10 years younger than I am... makes me feel old... but hey I enjoy running in the woods and hope to be doing it for a while!!!

Thank you to the girl in the coral jacket, awesome coral jacket by the way, for taking this handstand picture of me at the finish!!!  

P.S. How fantastic is the color coordination... it makes me smile!!!

~Hemlock Middle Distance Finish Handstand

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