Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Race to the Rock

Dear iPhone 6,

This handstand picture would have been a whole lot easier if the camera had a 20 second option for the self-timer!!!  It was a little bit of challenge to run from the tree where the camera was perched, across the uneven ground, up the side of the rock and then find a decent spot to place my hands without falling off;)  After a few unsuccessful tries, it became my mission to accomplish this so that I could blog about it!!!  So here it is, success at last...

Super fun handstand picture!!!  Did you notice the flag in the background?  It is flag number 33... my favorite number:)... at the Mid-Atlantic Championships in Delaware!!!  Congrats to QOC for winning back the "Broken Compass" Award... Hooray for us!!!  I'm excited that I helped contribute to our win... 2nd place female finisher for 3 points!!!  Full results can be viewed here!!!

~Beating the Timer Handstand

P.S. Here is one of the not so successful attempts...

~Unsuccessful Timer Handstand

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