Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Championships

What a day...

It is just before 5pm and I am sitting in the parking garage at Whole Foods, with a completely dead car, waiting for my AAA tow truck to arrive.  I am 99% sure that I did not leave a light on because my lights turn off automatically and I almost never use the interior lights.  I was only gone for maybe 30 minutes so after calling Dad, we decided that getting it towed to an auto-shop is the best plan!

So, what to do while waiting for the tow truck... BLOG!!!

This morning I drove the 2 hours, instead of riding the QOC bus which I bet was a lot more fun, to Brandywine Creek State Park near Wilmington, Delaware for the Mid-Atlantic Orienteering Championships!  I knew I couldn't stay all day which is why I decided to drive myself.  I am glad that I was able to get one more course in before the big 3 day event next weekend.  The best part of orienteering today was running in the woods and passing someone that said, "Hey, it's Traveling Handstands Mary"... I smiled about this for at least 3 more points!!!  After completing my course, I decided to head back to the start for a handstand picture.  Thank you to one of the DVOA, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association, volunteers for taking it for me.

The tow truck guy just called and he can't fit in the parking garage...arrrg... I specifically told AAA that I was in a parking garage.  

I always say, "Everything happens for a reason"... the tow truck driver was super nice and walked to the parking garage to check out my car before he called for a different tow truck.  He opened the hood and noticed a bolt on my battery that was really worn out... and I quote, "Here's your problem Ma'am, try starting your car"... it started right up!!!  Turns out one of the cables was so worn out that it had popped loose.  He jammed it back on and I was good to go.  He told me I should still bring it to  the auto-shop to get it checked out but that it would be fine to drive home!  Hooray!!!

Not a bad ending to a good day:)

~Mid-Atlantic Champs Handstand

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