Sunday, December 21, 2014

Good Times in the Bahamas

Here are a few of my favorite moments in the Bahamas...

Waking up each morning and watching the sunrise while walking on the beach!

Coaching my girls at an international event was really fun!  We all had to get passports, go through customs, and figure out how to keep in touch without the use of our cell phones which turned out to be quite the challenge:)

Congratulations to all of my girls that competed!!!

Team Dinners
Thank you to one of my team Dads for helping set up a team dinner at the 'Fish Fry'!  It was neat to have the entire top of 'Goldies' restaurant to ourselves!  The grilled grouper entree was delicious!

Sea Life
Checking out all of the fish and other sea life was cool.  Atlantis has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring underwater animals.  Some of the girls went swimming with the dolphins, some of the coaches went scuba diving, some of the siblings got to touch starfish and horseshoe crabs, and some of the families went snorkeling with the sea life!

Hair Braiding
As soon as you get anywhere near the public beach in the Bahamas, you are bombarded with hair braiders and people trying to sell you everything from bracelets and t-shirts to ukuleles and jet ski rides.  Since we were in the Bahamas and it's not everyday that we are in the Bahamas, I told the girls that they could get their hair braided for the meet!  

And of course, I had to get mine done as well:)  This was my view while I was getting my 23 little braids across the top of my head with pink, orange, and white alternating beads...

There were 8 water-slides open while we were here and we went on all 8:)

The Lazy River
Atlantis has a really neat, not so lazy, lazy river!  It takes about 20+ minutes to do the whole ride and it is anything but lazy!  During your 20 minute adventure you will find yourself winding through sections of rapids, being pushed and spun by a tidal wave, experiencing the affects of waves in a narrowing tunnel (they get more intense the narrower the passage), floating under bridges, and finally being pulled up a mini mountain by a conveyor belt in a cave!  You can enter and exit the "lazy river" from multiple points around the water-park and you can choose to stay in the "lazy river" for as many rounds as you wish!!!  

The Beaches
Atlantis has some pretty awesome beaches!  Our favorite beach was "Cove" beach because it is a little out of the way so it is less crowded and it is not a public beach so there aren't any people trying to sell you things!  And the sand is super white and the sea weed is minimal:)

Ice Cream
A great way to end the day... A sweet treat after you compete... A perfect snack to keep you coming back...  I scream, you scream, we all scream for...

  ~Good Times Atlantis Handstands

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  1. Sooo much fun! Love the girls with braids! What an adventure ... good times in the sun. ^..^