Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

It's beginning to look a lot like...


December is flying by and it will be Christmas before we know it!!!  Today, my gymnastics homeschoolers and I had a Christmas cookie decorating and cookie exchange party:)  We began our day with a Secret Santa gift exchange followed by a performance of "Point Your Toes" to the tune of "Jingle Bells" sung by the girls for Coach Mary...

"Point your toes, point your toes
don't you bend those knees.
Tight on vault, bars, beam and floor
and don't forget to squeeze!"

So fun... Thank you to my girls for singing me a very gymnastics appropriate Christmas carol:)  After the girls finished serenading me, we began the cookie decorating process... cookie decorating will never be the same after today's deluxe version!!!  Each girl got a cookie sheet with 12 home-made sugar cookies in all different Christmas themed shapes... a huge Thank You to Jen for waking up at the crack of dawn this morning to make a million cookies... and not only did she make all the cookies using a family recipe, she also made several batches of home-made icing... so delicious!  The icing was dished out into 8 mini dishes so that the girls could have 8 different color options and this was just the beginning!  After icing their cookies, there were sprinkles and decorations galore... what an amazing cookie decorating experience!!!  

After decorating all those cookies, the girls had worked up an appetite and were ready for pizza!  I wasn't super hungry since I had been munching on veggies all morning plus a fabulous spicy jam and cream cheese dip with crackers brought by another mom... thanks Karen... what a fun appetizer to bring to a party!!!  

We concluded our day with a cookie exchange!  Each family had made a batch of cookies to share with the group.  The girls walked around the large family table with a plate and took samples of each of the cookies.  We had everything from a 7-layer cookie, to butter only shortbread cookies, to vanilla cookies with an apricot center, to peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, to scotchies (peanut butter/butter scotch and chocolate), to snicker doodles, to pumpkin cookie bars, and sugar cookies decorated like reindeer... so  FUN:)

Thank you to all the moms for doing such a great job organizing our Wednesday morning "field trips."  We are definitely making memories!!!  Merry Christmas:)

~Homeschool Christmas Party Handstand

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