Sunday, December 7, 2014

Prince William Forest Orienteering

After what seemed like a week of rain, the sun finally decided to come out... Just in time for an orienteering meet!!!  Today's O-Meet was at Prince William Forest in Triangle, Virginia.  I missed pre-registration which was on my to-do list yesterday, possibly because I worked a 14 hour gymnastics meet...P.S. Great job girls... so when I arrived this morning at the park they were all out of orange maps so I decided to try a brown course which is the first level of the advanced courses.

I did ok because there were a lot of people doing the brown course at the same time therefore it seemed like there were always people around the controls if you were in the right area... I didn't get lost once but I did take my time.  Overall, it was a gorgeous day to run in the woods and I liked the park a lot... Definitely some elevation but very clear land features!!!  And super heated restrooms:)

~Prince William Forest Orienteering Handstand

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