Friday, December 26, 2014

Ski Season Starts

Ski season started for my family today!  We were suppose to ski yesterday but unfortunately the weather has not been cooperating... rain and high temperatures equals rough week for ski areas:(  


But temps have dropped and rain has stopped so we decided to hit the slopes for Twilight skiing... late afternoon and night skiing!  Last year we had a 2 year old and 4 year old skiing top to bottom and loving it so this year we decided to outfit the 16 month old in ski gear!  

He loved it!  16 months old and standing on skis all by himself and what's even crazier is he only starting walking a month ago... less than 1 month of walking and today he skied 12+ runs!!!  Thank you Bretton Woods for having such a great area for teaching young ones to ski!!!  

The chairlift was his favorite part!  He would stand and point at the chairlift.  We would ask "do you want to go for a ride" and his face would light up... so adorable!!!

"Let's Go!"

~Start to Ski Season Handstand



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