Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vacation Part IV: Honduras

Day 4: Honduras

Here is another beautiful blue sky handstand picture on the pier but this time we are no longer in Cozumel...  A night of smooth sailing and we woke up in a new location!!!

Great signage... and the turtle is a really fun logo...

Destination of the Day
Mahogany Bay/Isla Roatan

Roatan is a 60km island off the coast of Honduras.  It was probably one of the nicest ports that we visited.  At the end of the pier there was a cute little walkway with a great sign for handstand pictures...

And all of the activities were so close to the boat!!!  Here is the view from the other side of the walkway and it almost looks like you can touch the ship in the background...

Activity of the Day 
Beach Day and Extreme Zip-Lining

We started our day off with a "Relax on the Beach" package that included a ride to Mahogany Beach by way of the Magical Flying Beach Chairlift, floats for playing in the water, and beach chairs with a clam shell umbrella for protection from the sun!  The view from the chairlift was incredible and even though it was hot, there was a breeze on our ride over to the beach!!!

The beach was a little crowded but it was still an enjoyable way to spend the day.  Our clam shell beach chairs were located in the third row back so no view of the water but we really didn't spend a lot of time sitting in the chairs!  Most of our time was spent in the water or taking handstand pics:)

After a full day in the sun, we were ready to head back to the ship for a late lunch and a quick change into zip-lining attire!!!  It was nice to have the ship so accessible!  

We chose the "Extreme Zip-Line" excursion to satisfy our adventurous sides.  The zip-line company was a short walk from the pier which was nice!

When we arrived we got suited up with harnesses, helmets, gloves, carabiners, pulleys and safety straps.  We were required to sign waivers and watch a safety video then we were loaded into the back of a truck and driven to the start of our adventure... a short but straight uphill hike to the first zip platform... which looked a lot like this one...

There were a total of 7 zip-lines... all leading to the finale which included a long section over water with a great view!!!  This next handstand picture was taken on the roof of a building at the end of the final zip-line:)  Thank you to Carlos and Jefries, our fabulous zip-line pilots, for an awesome experience!

Food of the Day

We were so impressed with the steakhouse last night that we decided to try the Italian restaurant on board... Cucina del Capitano!!! 

Caprese as an appetizer

The Captain's Favorite Meatballs as an entree

Lemon Sorbet on a honey almond crust as a dessert

P.S. The sugary crust combined with the fabulous flavor of lemon made this my 2nd favorite dessert of the cruise... so yummy!!!  The Creme Brûlée was my favorite of course:)  

Favorite Fun of the Day
Kayaking... sort of...

Kayaking was included as part of the "Relax on the Beach" package that we purchased but when we arrived at the kayak center we saw these...

I called it the "John Deer" on water!!!  It looks like a ton of fun but don't let that fool you... it was a super intense leg workout to keep up with our fellow kayakers!  We did feel accomplished that we made it all the way to the buoy like the kayakers when most of the other "John Deers" stayed close to the kayak center:)

More Fun
Towel animals, Chocolates and "Funtimes"

~Vacation Part IV Handstands

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