Friday, December 5, 2014

Vacation Part VII: Another Day at Sea

Day 7: Another Day at Sea
Another Beautiful Sunrise

Destination of the Day
Sailing towards Home

The wind was strong this morning but at least there was a little blue sky!!!  We are sailing towards home... it is hard to believe that my first cruise is almost over!!!

Activity of the Day
Showtimes: Epic Rock

Each night after dinner we look forward to watching the Playlist Performers... tonight's show was called "Epic Rock."  We made sure to arrive early so that we could sit in the front row!!!  

Tonight's show was one of our favorites!!!  The costumes were spectacular, the lighting affects were incredible, and the energy was contagious.  Plus the finale was "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey which is on our team playlist and a gym favorite:)  And we got to meet the cast after the show...

We were still full of energy after the show so when we went back to the room, we decided to practice our "Epic Rock" look while sporting the Carnival shades, which we captured in a selfie...

Ok, so maybe we need a little practice!  Here's take 2...

Getting better... we almost look like rockers instead of seasick cruisers:)

Food of the Day
Dr. Seuss Breakfast

This morning we had breakfast with the Dr. Seuss characters and all of the meal options were Dr. Seuss themes...

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Green Eggs and Ham

"Cat in the Hat" Pancakes

Tic Tac Toe Waffles

Cereal Crusted French Toast

The Largest Steak and Eggs Breakfast Ever... it was the only normal colored meal on the menu!

A close-up of my plate!

A"Cat In the Hat" Ice Sculpture

Favorite Fun of the Day

We enjoyed running around the ship and saying goodbye to all of our favorite crew...

Jaime Dee, The Cruise Director!

Alex, the Entertainment Director!!!

Hilario, Our Server!!!

And Table 578, Our Dinner Spot:)

More Fun
Towel Animals, Chocolates but no "Funtimes"

The funtimes are over... there will be no funtimes tomorrow... sounds awful but it's true.  Our cruise is coming to an end!  Thank you Carnival for a great trip:)

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