Thursday, January 1, 2015

GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 1.00

Traveling Handstands has accepted the GymnasticsBodies New Year Handstand Challenge!!!  Each day through the month of January, GB will post a handstand exercise on their Facebook page to be completed and shared... #gbnewyear #gymnasticsbodies #christophersommer :)  Together we will all be getting a stronger handstand for the new year.  There will be two versions of each exercise so be sure to check out their GymnasticsBodies Event page for details!!!

Day 1.00
"You are going to need to warm up and gain adequate wrist mobility for today's handstand challenge.  For the advanced version use two one inch books next to the wall and kick into a HS with your fingers on top of the books.  Hold for 30 seconds." ~GB

I chose the advanced exercise today!  I selected two books for each hand... A sports psychology text book & "Forget Not Love," the heroic story of St. Maximilian Kolbe for the left hand and "Seal Team Six Outcasts" & "The Talent Code" for the right hand.  My book shelf has a very limited selection... gymnastics resources, books about my favorite Saint, leadership development, and a few good reads:)  I decided to give my photo and video a real gymnastics coach feel by including the "Score Flasher" as a way to keep track of my days.  Today's handstand is not #100 but rather 1.00 because that's how a gymnastics score is flashed!  

I hope you enjoy following along and if you complete the challenge then send Traveling Handstands a photo!  

~GB Handstand Challenge Day 1.00 Handstand

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