Saturday, January 10, 2015

GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 10.00

Day 10.00
"The gymnastic HS is all about control and straight lines. In this challenge, you will learn how to straighten your legs by controlling the knee joints. Start by walking your feet up the wall, belly-side first, with hands about 4 feet away from the wall. Maintain a tight vertical trunk position with arms locked. Perform knee flexion and extension alternating legs, making sure the knees are together the whole time. For the advanced version, walk your feet up the wall and only go as deep into the wall as your comfortable and are able to control. Perform 30r, alternating legs. After the set, carefully walk back out with your hands with a strong/tight core and no saggy back." ~GB

Knee Extension

 Right Knee Flexion

Left Knee Flexion

~GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 10.00 Handstands

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