Tuesday, January 13, 2015

GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 13.00

Day 13.00
"This is the next progression of Challenge 11. Start with a tight body and touch your hip, one at at time. This variation will force you to stay on one arm longer, making the exercise more challenging. For the advanced version, walk your feet up the wall, belly-side first. Only go as deep into the wall as you are comfortable and are able to control. Repeat the move for 40r, alternating arms. After the set, carefully walk back out with your hands and a strong/tight core, no saggy back." ~GB

Hip-Taps... These are much harder!  I did them without the wall but not all 40 in one turn... not bad but I have a new goal now;)

~GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 13.00 Handstands

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