Friday, January 16, 2015

GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 16.00

Day 16.00
"Understanding where your head position is in reference to shoulders is another key element to finding balance in your HS. Often the incorrect arched head position will lead to an ached, unsupported HS. For this challenge, begin with a inverted V body position, with your hands and feet on the ground. Start with an arched head position, then move forward pass your shoulders into a tucked head position. Finally move your head into a proper HS position, looking through your eyebrows to see your thumbs on the ground. For the advanced version, walk your feet up the wall, belly-side first. Only go as deep into the wall as you are comfortable and are able to control. Perform 10 rounds of arch, tuck and HS positions with your head. After the set carefully walk back out with your hands with a strong/tight core, no saggy back." ~GB

Arched Head Position

Tucked Head Position

Neutral Head Position

~GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 16.00 Handstands

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