Saturday, January 17, 2015

GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 17.00

Day 17.00
"In this exercise, plank with your feet at the wall, hip level high. Hold for 30seconds with your core tight and shoulders protracted. For the advanced version, start in plank with feet on the ground. Walk your feet up the wall by taking small steps, belly-side first with a strong tight core. Walk all the way up to HS. Hold HS at the top for a second and then walk back down to the ground with your hands and feet slowly, maintaining a tight core and shoulders protracted. Do 10 reps. Only go as deep into the wall as you are comfortable and able to control." ~GB

What a day for a difficult exercise... I apologize for the ski gear, messy hair and lack of score flasher but I spent all day today skiing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!  I still have my down jacket on because I haven't thawed out from the negative 17 degree weather:)

Here goes...


Walking Up the Wall


P.S.  I love Dixie Doodle in the background... the beautiful tiger cat in all of the pictures:)

~GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 17.00 Handstands

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