Wednesday, January 28, 2015

GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 28.00

Day 28.00
"This challenge will work on your single arm strength and endurance. Start in a plank position with hips squared and tight. Keep your trunk hollowed and shoulders protracted. Slowly move one arm off the ground to you hip and hold the plank position without shifting your hips. For the advanced version, walk up into a HS with your feet on the wall, belly-side first and then keep your legs and feet together, maintaining a tight body position on one arm. Perform for 30 seconds per arm. After the set, carefully walk back out with your hands and a strong/tight core, no saggy back." ~GB

It is a gorgeous day so I decided to do this challenge outside.  After the first few attempts in the wind, I almost called it quits (my camera blew over halfway through filming my first attempt so the second half of my video was the grass).  As long as I could get the camera to stay standing, I was determined to capture the beautiful blue sky day!  My lines are not super straight but I can use the excuse that I was leaning into the wind so as not to fall over;)

I love the one arm handstand without the tree so I am posting these...

but the 30 seconds was definitely with a tree...

~GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 28.00 Handstands

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