Monday, January 5, 2015

GB New Year Handstand Challenge Day 5.00

Day 5.00
Shoulder Stack
"Understanding where your shoulders are in reference to your wrists is one of the key elements to finding balance in your HS. For this challenge, start with your shoulders (stacked) directly on top of your wrist, then move forward pass your fingers (over-stacked). Next, pull back behind the wrist (under-stacked). Always start the new round from a stacked shoulder position. For the advanced version, walk your feet from the wall belly-side first. Only go about 3 feet from to wall with your hands. Do 10 rounds of stacked, over-stacked and under-stacked shoulder positions. After the set carefully walk back out with your hands with a strong/tight core, no saggy back." ~GB

It is interesting that we all use the same words to describe this motion... stacking!!!  Stacking becomes even more important when doing handstands on bars:)  Great exercise today...




~GB Handstand Challenge Day 5.00 Shoulder Stack Exercise Handstands

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