Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Handstand Scramble With Friends
Now that we have the entire alphabet, the logical thing to do with a bunch of letters is to make WORDS!!!  I love word games!!!  My love for word games began as a kid who grew up in the White Mountains playing scrabble and doing word searches as power outage activities!  It evolved into Crosswords, Jumbles, and CryptoQuips from the newspaper with my Dad and Grandparents.  In college, I was addicted to SuperText Twist, a game of finding the longest word using the given letters before the time ran out... at one point my roommates and I were well into a triple digit level with 6-figure points and each time we clicked next level, it was a nail-biting minute of desperately finding the longest word before the time was up... my heart still races thinking about it.)   After college, I worked as a nanny for two years helping a single dad in the Secret Service take care of his boys and we played Starfall... an educational computer game that teaches kids their letters, sounds and how to read.  I hope I helped instill a love for words and word games in them... I know we loved our Starfall time!  Now, in today's high-tech world of Apps, word games are just a click away on my iPhone!  I'm pretty good about only using them to pass the time while traveling... they can be extremely time consuming!  A few of my favorite word Apps include TextTwist2, CryptoQuip, Crosswords, Razzle, and Scramble!!!  So, are you ready to play???...
Handstand Scramble With Friends
For today's post I have created a Scramble board with HSalphabet letters!!!  The value of each letter is written in the upper right corner and the letter that the Handstander is making is written in the lower left corner!  

Rules of the Game
1. Find as many real words as you can by connecting letters on the game board!
2. Letters must be touching (sides or diagonals) so that the word is one long chain of letters!
3. Letters can only be used once so the longest word on a 4x4 game board would be 16 letters!

EXAMPLE: The 2nd letter in from left to right is a C, the letter below the C is an A, the letter diagonally down and to the left of the A is an N... This spells CAN! (Worth 7 Points)

There are 303 solutions.  Can you find the word that is worth the most points?  It is also the longest word!  See how many words you can find and post your results as a comment.  Check back tomorrow for a list of all of the possible solutions!!!  Good luck:)

~Scramble Handstands

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