Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Team Photo

Team pictures was a success!!!  Thank you to John Cheng and Team Photo for coming to our gym and doing an amazing job with our team pictures!!!  I snapped this quick shot at the end of night one while everything was still set up...

The quality of this picture compared to the professional ones that were taken is dramatic but it was fun to capture the backdrop and lighting equipment!  P.S. Thanks Pete for making me jump in to the photos with my teams... I love having a group shot with my girls!!!

Here are a few fun practice poses with themes that we took in preparation for Team Photo day... 

Straddles and Pretty Fingers

A Pyramid of Coral Girls

 I Heart Homeschool

 I Heart Gymnastics

Tower of Teammates

 I Heart Friends and Flourescent Colors 

We had fun practicing the poses and the real ones turned out AWESOME so keep checking Traveling Handstands for some fabulous group shots and I may even be able to convince some of the girls to send me their cool handstand pics... I love the silhouette ones!!!

~Team Photo Day Handstand


  1. in which place is that gym at ??
    i mean the city street ...

  2. love you
    i watch bratayley

  3. The Coral Girls are awesome! I wish I could do all the tricks that the team can do! Also hope all the Coral Girls keep Caleb (Annie's brother) in their prayers. Have fun girls and coach Mary be safe, peace out!