Monday, May 4, 2015

Urban Orienteering Race

Yesterday I participated in my first urban orienteering race... at the University of Maryland Campus!  There was hardly any green on the map... quite different than a normal orienteering race!

I discovered that I am totally out of shape when it comes to running in the heat because this course was definitely all about speed... I found myself much less lost but still walking at times to catch my breath!  The controls were pretty easy to find so it was a race of jumping fences, dodging students, and staying oriented on millions of paved paths... I made a few 180 mistakes because I didn't turn my map correctly...

It was neat to see orienteers running all over the campus!!!  I wonder what the college students were thinking as we sprinted by with our maps... This next pic looks like a cool parkour move... 

I will say that the course setters did a good job hiding the controls... I was hoping to take a few more handstand pictures with controls but I didn't have time after and there were no obvious ones that I could see when I was walking around before the start.  Here is the last control on the B course... the only control I was able to capture before leaving for my team's exhibition at Acro States!

I wish I had a little more time to enjoy the sun and do the 2nd course!!!  It was literally a race to the finish for me because of work obligations.  Thank you to the set up crew for being ready and allowing me to start early!  I was happy to finish in 33 minutes... good number!!!

Also, thank you to the University of Maryland for allowing us to race on the campus and to all of the volunteers that made this event happen!  

~Urban Orienteering Handstands

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