Saturday, June 20, 2015

The EDGE Symposium

Super proud coach right now...

I attended The EDGE ... Elite Developmental Gymnastics Education ... Symposium this weekend in Chicago, Illinois with one of my girls and she did AMAZING!!!  She totally stepped up to the plate and tried everything that was thrown at her ... way to go Peanut ... I am so proud of you!!!  

Thank you to Todd for reaching out to me on Facebook and letting me know about this opportunity!  I am so impressed with how nice the National Team Staff are... the team spirit in our sport is GREAT!!!  We are all working together to make sure that Team USA stays on top!!!

And thank you to Tammy for pushing our athletes to be better than they think they can be... I love your style!!!  

AND to top it all off... 


~The EDGE Symposium Handstand


  1. P E R S E V E R A N C E ... what a great word! Good job, Peanut!!! ^..^