Sunday, June 7, 2015

Two Parties Today

I had two parties to go to today and I didn't make either of them... crazy how life works sometimes!  My first party was to celebrate the end of the orienteering season.  It was the last race of the season with a party to follow.  My plan was to attend the last race, say "Hi" to everyone then hit the road to attend my 2nd party!

The race at Jug Bay went as planned.  I decided to do an advanced course since it was the last race of the season... all I had time for was the short advanced course because the start wasn't until noon.  It was a mass start meaning everyone started all at once and it began with chugging a drink of your choice... beer, soda or water... an exciting twist!  The course was fun but I didn't like all of the marshy terrain... lots of mud and another SNAKE.  I finished in just over an hour, with another drink station right before the final control... it took me 15 seconds to finish my solo cup then 10 seconds to run to the finish!  I had hoped to finish a little sooner so thankfully I had already taken my handstand picture because I practically ran straight from the download station to my car!

The run to the finish... great view!!!

I was making decent time on my way to the next party... our end of the season gymnastics party when my car decided it had enough for one day... poor HNDSTND now needs a trip to the auto shop.  I felt terrible canceling on my girls but driving across the Bay Bridge in a shaky car... I think something is wrong with the alignment... was not happening.  Miss Debbie and the girls were thinking of me though and captured a great team handstand picture at the party...

Love it girls!!!

~End of the Season Handstands

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