Friday, August 14, 2015

Last Leg

Summer might be ending but that means that orienteering season will be starting soon!!!  I can't wait!!!  Here's a fun memory from last season...

The handstand below was taken on the path that I sprinted to the finish in the Swanson Road Orienteering Meet!!!  I love the last leg of a race when the finish is in site and you get that one last adrenaline rush.  The start was in the same place as the finish in this particular o-meet so after finding the final control it was a race to the finish for me... I was fastest female on this leg and only 5 seconds away from first overall!!!

P.S. I love that there is a runner in the background of this picture!  It gives a little perspective as to just how long the sprint was... you cannot see the finish from the final control!!!

~Path to the Finish Handstand

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